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Learn from every project

Get insights to see how the project goes and on what points it could be better. Improve your team as the project goes and on following projects.



Insights on progress

By working with KYP Analytics, you get information on the best partners. This information could be used to evaluate and improve partnerships with other parties.

Work with the KYP-Factor

The KYP-factor gives you insights on how well the project is doing. Are any tasks still open? That turns the KYP Smiley red. Is everything done and up to date? That turns it green again!


Learn from every project

KYP Project registers a lot of data during a project. During and after projects are done, you will learn what went well and what could be done better. This keeps you improving!

Improve with KYP Analytics

With KYP Analytics you take the next step beyond a good planning and communications. You gain valuable insights into what goes well, what goes poorly and why that is.


The KYP-factor shows you the chance (between 0% and 100%) that the due date will be met. Also, KYP Analytics shows you if your project is doing better today than it did yesterday.

Planning versus practice

During a project you usually have some idea how you’re doing. If you’re making the deadline or not. With KYP Project we can confirm this, but also show you what it is that’s slowing you down.


With this, you can work with data and see and show what is causing delays in your project. This helps you improve on every planning and gives insights into project partners.

“Using the KYP Planning is crucial to get through projects easily. KYP Analytics brings an extra, but important, feature for project managers.”
Sander de Weert
van Wanrooij

Also want to improve and learn from every project?

Then it’s time to get KYP-ing! Besides improving, KYP Project also lets you plan with ease and connect project partners. This way everyone always know the when and what of their tasks, saving you tons of back-and-forth mails and calls. KYP Project helps your project move along, much more smoothly. More than 50.000 builders went before, are you next?