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Creating schedules in construction is a repeating process. Implementing changes and communicating those with the involved project partners, having different versions of your schedules in circulation, not having the construction schedule at hand everywhere: lots of things can go wrong during this process.

The online construction project management software by KYP Project fixes all of these issues in one simple tool, and helps you manage your projects. Start using the software that makes things easier for you, provides an overview, and creates the best work schedules with you.

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Daily challenges that our project management software fixes

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Moving tasks in your project schedule

Static software such as Excel doesn’t play well when a task needs to be moved in your schedule. If one deadline has to be moved, then every subsequent tasks needs to be moved manually as well. This makes construction project management difficult with these static programs.

When you use KYP Project’s construction project management software, these difficulties are a thing of the past. Does a deadline have to be moved, for example, due to unworkable weather? KYP Project automatically moves up all deadlines for you. You’ll be scheduling faster – about 4 hours on average compared to static software, thanks to our intuitive construction scheduling software!

Multiple versions of your project schedule

A project partner who has to update their schedule, a wrong delivery, or delay due to bad weather: a lot of things can happen that result in you updating your project schedule. You’ll then quickly run into the issue that there are multiple versions of your schedule in circulation.

Our construction project management software means you’ll only have one version of the schedule at any time, available to everyone. Updates are made in real-time. This prevents misunderstandings and provides everyone with a project schedule that is always up-to-date.


Communicating changes with project partners

During every project, you will have to make changes to your schedule at some point. You can already see it coming at the start of the work day: that’s going to be hours of moving things around in the schedule, phone calls with project partners, and sending emails to keep everyone updated.

KYP Project automatically communicates changes to the relevant parties. Using our construction management software, you could save up to 3 hours of unnecessary phone calls about the project schedule, and you’ll be saving about 15 e-mails a week about it, too!

The possibilities of our construction management software

Easily schedule down to the last detail

KYP Project makes keeping track of your project schedule very easy. Set up tasks in just a few clicks and link the responsible project partner. Add any dependencies and specify the task and deadline: our construction management software does the rest. Has the deadline of the task passed, but it has not yet been ticked off by the responsible party? Then the superintendent can check whether it is necessary to postpone the deadline. The schedule is then automatically updated. Whether you work with a bar schedule, strip schedule, or Gantt charts; KYP Project makes scheduling a breeze.

Monitor the progress of your project

It is important to keep a close eye on the progress of the project. That is why our tool uses an up-to-date position line, known as a stand line. With this, you can immediately see in which week of the project schedule you currently are, and which tasks must be completed. Tasks are checked off by project partners, so you know when to check and approve them. This allows you to keep an overview and easily monitor the progress of the project.

Simplified communication

Communication around the project schedule is very easy with our construction management software. Changes in the online project schedule are implemented for everyone and automatically communicated with project partners. A shared messaging system also allows you to keep scheduling communications in one place. You can also easily upload documents, contracts, and drawings to the project. This allows you to streamline communication with KYP Project.

In addition, you will find various ‘envelope’ icons in the construction software of KYP Project. The green envelope is a commonly used designation in KYP Project. When you link a task to someone, that person will receive an email. As long as that person does not open the e-mail, a green envelope will remain behind the task. For the superintendent, this indicates that they might need to call that person to make sure they have seen the task and knows what is expected. This way you avoid misunderstandings and information shortage!

Projectpartners in KYP

Collaborate in real-time

Collaboration no longer has to be with all parties at the same location. Thanks to KYP Project’s construction management software, only one version of the schedule is available online to everyone. No more hassle with different versions of the planning in Excel, e-mails about the scheduling and notifying everyone, but working together towards the end result.

The schedule at hand everywhere

By creating your schedule online with KYP Project, you have access to the project schedule from any computer. We have also developed an app for iOS and Android. So you’ll always have the schedule at hand: in the office and on the construction site!

Gain insights with KYP Analytics

Will we complete the project on time at the current pace? What percentage of tasks have already been completed? How many tasks were completed late? You can find answers to these types of questions with KYP Analytics: data that is collected within our project management software. With this data, you’ll have increasingly more insight into projects and possible bottlenecks, and you’ll continue to improve your processes with each project.

What can KYP Project do for you?

Our construction project management software was created with the various people who are involved in mind. Whether you’re the superintendent, project manager, project planner, or a project partner: KYP Project will help you save time, money, and hassle.

I am a superintendent

As a superintendent, efficient scheduling and communication is key to your success. Our scheduling software helps you with your day-to-day activities:

Schedule faster than in Excel

According to a survey among over 100 of our users, KYP Project makes scheduling faster and easier. Our project management software allows them to create a solid basic schedule in just 4 to 8 hours!

Import directly from Excel, Asta Powerproject, or Microsoft Project

If you’ve already made an existing schedule using Excel, Asta Powerproject, or Microsoft Project, you don’t want to have to create it again. That’s why you can easily import any of these project schedules into KYP Project with just three clicks!

I am a project manager

We understand that project managers want to stay on top of the projects they’re working on. With KYP Project, you can have all of your projects on a single digital platform. You’ll have instant access and insight into your projects, so you can take actions where they are necessary.

Easily track the progress of your projects

Using our project overview, you can instantly spot where your attention is required. Our project management software keeps you up to date with all the information you need to report to your colleagues.

Learn from project data

Using KYP Analytics, you can get all the relevant data on your project at a glance directly from your project management software. Use this data in the current project to adjust when that’s necessary, and look at completed projects to improve your next project.

I am a project planner

Scheduling your project more efficiently and effectively becomes easier with KYP Project. Our scheduling software offers a complete overview to help you with your day-to-day activities.

Schedule faster and easier

Our construction management software allows you to draw up an overall schedule for your project in a single day. You can quickly schedule any tasks during the various phases of your project and easily assign tasks to project partners.

Streamline your information flow

Maintaining the project documentation is always difficult. Enjoy a single digital platform to upload all relevant documents and link them to specific tasks. Whether you’re working with architects, constructors, suppliers, or other professionals, everyone will have access to the information that is relevant for them: all in a single online project schedule.

I am a project partner

Working on multiple projects means that your list of tasks needs to be available at a glance. Additionally, any updates relevant to your work need to be communicated with you. KYP Project does all this, and includes a free capacity schedule.

Receive notifications whenever something changes

When a superintendent updates tasks assigned to you, you’ll be notified immediately. You can use our construction project management app on your computer and iOS or Android devices. You’ll always have the latest information ready, so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

Schedule more effectively with our capacity schedule

As a project partner, you are often involved in multiple projects at the same time. You can add your staff schedule to KYP Project to instantly see what projects your company is involved in and exactly who is scheduled for what tasks. Easily add all projects your company is involved in, link people to a project and specify when they’re working on a project, and quickly check off completed tasks to keep your schedule up to date.

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