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Efficient scheduling and communication for superintendents in the construction sector. With KYP Project, construction projects become even more fun! Drawing up a project schedule has never been easier. Whenever changes are made to the digital schedule, your colleagues are notified immediately. That ensures everyone is always on the same page!

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Save time

Everyone has the information they need at all times

Easily link people to specific tasks, so they are always up to date on the project’s current status!

Handy six-week look ahead schedule

With the handy, digital six-week look ahead schedule, everyone always knows exactly what they have to do. The schedule can be accessed anywhere and anytime via your desktop PC, tablet or cellphone.

Control your projects

See exactly where improvements to the project can be made. With the current state of affairs and the completed sticky notes on the schedule, you have a complete overview at all times. This helps you stay on top of your project.

KYP Project supports you throughout your entire project!

As a superintendent, you have your hands full with everything going on at the construction site. KYP Project helps you with your day-to-day activities:

Schedule up to eight hours faster than in Excel

A survey among more than 100 users shows that they can draw up a solid basic schedule for their project with KYP Project in just four to eight hours! If you have an existing schedule in Excel, Asta Powerproject or Microsoft Project, you can import it into KYP with just three clicks!

Quick overview of the project’s progress

During the daily kick-off, you can see exactly what needs to be done that day. This information is not only available to you, but also to all project partners. You’ll have more effective meetings as a result.

Information from the schedule

Scheduling in KYP Project provides you with invaluable data. You can check whether subcontractors have seen the schedule. Additionally, you can see whether they have checked off their tasks and where the project might fall behind. In other words, you get so much more than just a scheduling tool!

KYP Presentation

More than 100,000 users came before you… What are you waiting for?

Easy collaboration in the construction sector

A construction project is not a one-man job. As a superintendent, you have to work together with many different parties. KYP Project brings all these parties together in one place!

1. You can instantly see what parties are linked to what tasks.

2. Receive the right information about your project’s progress.

3. Faster and easier editing.

4. When your schedule changes, the subcontractors are notified automatically via the project schedule.

“When I got the opportunity from HSB Bouw to try out KYP, I immediately noticed that this was the kind of tool that was still missing in the working method of a superintendent. The ease with which you can build a schedule and control the process is ideal. It also works perfectly with the supplies from suppliers.”

Ronald Wagterveld
Ronald Wagterveld HSB Bouw