Lean scheduling in construction: better and easier with KYP Project

Lean construction schedule strengthens both collaboration and involvement in a project. KYP Project makes it easy to go digital with your lean schedule, so you can stay up to date on progress online at all times!

Always up-to-date project schedule
Save time, money and hassle
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24/7 overview, anywhere you go

Digital lean schedule in KYP not only lets you monitor task progress on site, but anywhere you go. This ensures that all those involved in the project know exactly which tasks need to be carried out when, preventing a waste of both time and materials.

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Up to date schedule at all times

Thanks to KYP digital lean schedule software, you can make changes to the schedule quickly and easily at any time. No more Post-It’s all over the place, but only a few mouse clicks to update the schedule and share the newest version with everyone online!


Lean collaboration at its best

Everyone always has access to the most recent and correct version of the schedule. This way, everyone knows what’s what and all parties involved are aware of all upcoming activities. Nice and lean.

What can you do with KYP?

I am a superindentent

Work as a superintendent with a construction schedule in KYP Project and experience many benefits!

– Only one version of the schedule is available to everyone
– Changing the schedule has never been so fast! Determine which tasks or phases will change and communicate this with all project partners with one click
– Always keep an up-to-date stand line because the digital post-its are checked off at day level

No more hassle with MS Project, Asta or Excel schedule – save that time. Note: you never want to go back to another way of working with construction schedules.

I am project manager

As a project manager, you often have several construction schedules running at the same time. Then you want to be able to switch quickly with the executor on a project. Stay in control of ongoing projects and schedules!

– See immediately in which project an action is needed
– Updates on building materials orders
– Construction schedule changes sent with one click
– Keep an overview of the progress within all projects

Clear communication is key to meeting project deadlines. Always see at a glance when you need to be where. The schedule tool is even free to use for project partners.

I am project planner

As a project planner you ensure that a project starts with a good realistic construction schedule. You ensure that partners are purchased and that there is sufficient time for tasks that have to be done and at the same time that the deadline is met! If you put this schedule digitally, then the contractor can continue with the construction.

Link every party involved to the schedule. This way everyone, from executor, project manager to even project partners, looks at the same schedule.

I am project partner

As a project partner you have several projects running at the same time and you naturally want to keep that clear! When you are added to a KYP schedule as a project partner, this overview is even completely free for you to use. And there are even more benefits:

– Easily filter your tasks from the schedule
– Changes come through in real time, everyone gets the notification immediately – so everyone is up to date with one click
– Keep a capacity schedule of you and your teammates with My Company
– See at a glance when you have to perform your task on which project

Worries about the schedule and the many phone calls and emails about this are a thing of the past!

All parties involved KYP

Lean schedule from site manager to project partner

What usually happens is that your schedule is printed out by the project partners and taken with them to the site.

But when a change is made to the schedule, those project partners will still be using the old schedule. With a bit of luck and alertness, you may suddenly realise – and inform on time – that one of your project partners doesn’t need to be on site until a day later. This kind of situation causes not only stress, but crossed wires and, just as important, can be very costly!

KYP Project simplifies the entire process. No more sending around a file with the schedule. Instead, you invite your project partners to use KYP Project – free of charge – so that everyone can see all tasks in the online schedule.

This is particularly useful when a change is made! Better yet, your project partners can indicate that they’ve completed their task in KYP. This gives you an immediate overview of any possible delays and lets you plan an inspection. Not surprisingly, builders who work with KYP Project state that KYP gives them peace of mind.

Responsible KYP Project

How do you go about lean scheduling in KYP Project?

Lean construction scheduling can be done in several ways on a wall. One of the most common approaches is lean scheduling per cluster on a line. Different colours for the different parties involved makes it easy to see which party is present at the site on which day. Lean scheduling in KYP Project is a bit different, but just as transparent. The cluster is also referred to as a phase in KYP Project. This is where the responsibilities of each party are outlined. In other words, instead of a horizontal schedule, there is a vertical lean schedule for all parties involved. And it’s available online or via the app 24/7.

Adjust in KYP Project

“Everyone immediately sees the changes made to a schedule, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to inform someone.”

Dick Bakker
Dick Bakker Project Manager Kakes-Deurwaarder

Schedule without hassle?

Start now and experience why thousands of builders plan their project in the construction project schedule software. Not only do you easily plan your projects in KYP Project, you also connect all your partners!