KYP privacy and security policy

This privacy and security policies of all companies that fall under KYP Holding, apply to the agreement between one of these companies and the user of KYP software. The terms of use, general terms and conditions and privacy and security policy define the terms for accessing the URL of the respective software such as KYPPROJECT.com, KYP.nl, KYPFLOW.com and KYPPLAN.com, and the use of the KYP software and the services offered by operating companies of KYP Holding BV being

  • KYP B.V. concerning KYP Project, Chamber of Commerce number: 57413894  
  • KYP FLOW B.V., concerning KYP FLOW, Chamber of Commerce number 70073341
  • Leansight B.V. / KYPPLAN B.V., concerning KYP PLAN, Chamber of Commerce number 67106331.

When ‘Website’ is mentioned or referred to in this privacy and security policy, this can also be read as one of the above-mentioned operating companies and the content also applies to all above-mentioned operating companies.

When reference is made in these General Terms of Use to “the use of KYP” or “KYP”, this refers to the use of KYP software offered by KYP Holding B.V. or its operating companies.

Personal data

We attach great importance to the protection of the privacy of visitors to our website. That’s why we make every effort to guarantee the privacy of involved parties as much as possible during the use of our services. In this privacy policy we explain which personal data we collect and process and for which purpose. We advise you to read this privacy policy carefully.

Purpose of collecting and processing personal data

When visiting our Website, KYP can process your personal data. For example, when creating a KYP-ID, the user provides personal information such as a name and an email address. This information is used to be able to identify the user in KYP, which is necessary for the log-in process. If a user is logged in in KYP, the user can supplement the KYP-ID with information about the birthday, telephone number, mobile phone number, Chamber of Commerce number, address etc. This information is visible to the users who are active within the same project and to KYP Holding B.V. Or during payment for activating a project, the user provides personal payment information. The payment information is collected by KYP Holding B.V. and is the property of KYP Holding B.V. But if you are interested in our newsletter and downloads from the website, we will also use your email address and other information you may give us when responding by email. In the framework of processing data in this way, KYP guarantees and respects the

General Data Protection Regulation.

KYP shall process personal data for the following purposes:

• Performing our services;

• Responding to your questions;

• Carrying out marketing activities;

• Other purposes, as specifically described when collecting personal data.

KYP guarantees that your personal data is stored for no longer than is necessary within the framework of its service provision, unless the storage of your personal data is necessary to comply with a statutory retention obligation or you ask for your personal data to be removed. But if you are interested in our newsletter and downloads from the website, we will also use your email address and other information you may give us when responding by email. In the framework of processing data in this way, KYP guarantees and respects the General Data Protection Regulation.


We refer you to our cookie policy that can be consulted elsewhere on this Website.


We attach great importance to the security of our software. We do our utmost to ensure that details, information, files or material that the user has provided to KYP or sent to KYP during the use of KYP (the KYP-ID details) is treated in a secure way. For this reason, all communication between the computer and our servers is encrypted with SSL. This involves data being sent encrypted and not being able to be tapped into easily.

Automatic collection of personal data

KYP can use cookies, web beacons, Mixpanel and other techniques to collect certain types of information automatically whenever you use our Website. The processing of this data enables us to improve and personalise the functioning, usability and effectiveness of our service provision. It also helps us gauge the effectiveness of our marketing activities. We further refer you to our cookie policy that can be consulted elsewhere on this Website.

IP addresses

An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer/device whenever you gain access to the internet. It provides other computers and servers with the opportunity to recognise you and to communicate with others. IP addresses from where visitors appear to originate can be recorded by KYP for IT security and diagnostic purposes. This information can also be used by KYP in aggregated form to recognise trends in the use of the Website and to carry out performance analyses. With your IP address as a visitor, we can show personalized pages based on location. This is mainly about language settings.

Social media widgets and applications

The Website enables users to share information via social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These social media applications can collect and use information about your use of the Website. Personal data that you share via social media applications can be used by other users of these social medial applications and such interactions are governed by the privacy statements of those social media applications in question. KYP has no influence on and is not responsible for the privacy policy of these social media applications. KYP is never liable for that use. For more information about the privacy policy of social media applications, we refer you to the corresponding websites.

Websites of third parties

This website may contain hyperlinks to other websites. We are not responsible for the way in which these websites handle personal data. We advise you to consult the privacy policy of these websites before using these websites.

Sharing and transferring personal data

We do not share any personal data with third parties, unless this is necessary to fulfill your request or unless required by law. KYP must release personal data to third parties in the event that this is required by law, a court order or a government decision. Personal data may also be necessary for privacy or security audits or to be able to carry out an investigation as a result of a complaint or a threat to security. KYP does not sell personal data to third parties. KYP will not pass on any personal data you provide to third parties for their direct marketing purposes either.

Your rights

You have many rights when it comes to collecting and processing your personal data. These rights are laid down in General Data Protection Regulation. If you have made personal data available to KYP, you are entitled to access this data. If it emerges that the personal data contains errors, you can submit a request to amend orremove the personal data. You can direct requests to:


Gooweg 51


Or send an email to info@kyp.nl with the subject PRIVACY.

Security and integrity of data

KYP has security policies and procedures to protect personal data against unauthorised loss, misuse, modification or destruction. However, despite the significant efforts of KYP, the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the data cannot be guaranteed absolutely against all threats. We will do our utmost to ensure that access to your personal data is strictly limited.

Changes in privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. We recommend that you read this statement every time you use our website.

Contact details

Questions? Please feel free to contact us via info@kyp.nl or you can call us on +31 (0)20 449 11 17.