Use the same project schedule together

Say goodbye to endless calls and emails about the schedule of your project. Assign the right tasks to the right person. Everyone will have access to the same schedule at all times and know exactly what is expected of them.

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Assign tasks to people

Give specific tasks to specific parties. Everyone will know where they need to be at all times.

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Monitor your project’s progress at any time

Keep an eye on your project and its progress online at any time, wherever you are. In the office, in the construction shack or from home.

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Communicate changes

Changes to the project schedule are communicated directly to the parties involved in those tasks.

Building smarter together

You cannot complete a construction project alone. In order to meet the deadline, you must work together effectively with others and make sure the project proceeds smoothly. KYP Project lets you easily add all project partners, subcontractors and project managers to your construction schedule at no extra charge! Since the schedule software is digital, everyone can access the most up-to-date schedule at any time.

When you add someone to your project, the green envelopes tell you whether this party has already accepted their invitation to join the project. That also lets you know whether they have already seen the schedule or not. This eliminates a ton of uncertainty and needless phone calls.

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Completing  tasks per day via the app

For each task, you plan sticky notes on the days that the task must be carried out. Every partner can easily check off each day’s sticky notes via the app. The project’s site manager can instantly see what parts of the project are on schedule and what parts are falling behind.

Of course, as a superintendent or project manager, you can also decide to check off each day’s sticky notes yourself to maintain a bit of extra control over your project. Once all of a task’s sticky notes have been checked off and the task has been completed, you check everything one more time and then complete the task in your schedule. With this approach, you will always have insight into the current state of affairs and know exactly where your project stands.

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“KYP is easy to understand and clear for everyone. All parties have more insight into the current state of the schedule. As a result, we get more input from the various parties at the daily kick-off meetings and there is hardly any miscommunication because all parties can consult the online schedule at any time.”

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Mario Dekker Heijmans

Project scheduling without hassle?

On average, you can save more than four hours per week. See for yourself why more than 100,000 clients in the construction sector use KYP Project to save time, money and effort. Start using KYP today!