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Connect all your project partners

Constant calling and mailing project partners with minor changes in planning? No more. KYP Project handles communications for you, informing every involved partner of when and where they need to be.

Afbeelding van een Gantt chart planning in KYP Project

Connect people to tasks

With KYP Project you connect all partners to their jobs. This way everyone always knows when what needs to be done.


Order from the planning

Have a supplier you always fall back on?


Communicate changes

In KYP Project everyone always sees what they need to do. Even if you update it. Changes are communicated automatically.

Invite all project partners

In KYP Project you can easily add all project managers, subcontractors and other project partners.

This lets you see who is actually up to date of the planning and which partners have accepted this. This prevents a lot of uncertainty in execution.

All project partners can be added in your planning, without any extra charges.

Check off tasks in the app

You could check off all tasks in KYP Project yourself on your laptop or desktop. But it could be even easier.

KYP Project has a mobile app, built for project partners on site. Through this app they can check off their own tasks, meaning all you need to do is check what has been done.

The app also updates them on tasks, status of the project and any changes. Subcontractors love working with KYP, since it gives them a full overview of what they need to do.

If you still want to check on the work to see how it’s done, we get that. When a project partner checked off a task, you can still check on it yourself to ensure quality.

“KYP Project is easy to use for everyone. All partners are better informed of the current planning. This also makes the daily meeting better, since partners give better input. In total KYP Project almost completely eliminates miscommunications, because every partner can always check their online planning."
Mario Dekkers

Also want to connect partners without hassle?

Then it’s time to get KYP-ing! Besides connecting, KYP Project also lets you plan with ease and could give you the overview required to make projects go even better. This way everyone always know the when and what of their tasks, saving you tons of back-and-forth mails and calls. KYP Project helps your project move along, much more smoothly. More than 50.000 builders went before, are you next?