“We eventually scheduled the project in KYP Project. After a difficult start during the structural work, at one point we were even 23 days behind schedule. We then invited all parties involved and started scheduling together in KYP Project. Due to this collaboration, the last roof floor deposited 3 days later as originally planned. So we had caught up for 20 days, wow what a collaboration!”

Jordi van Houdt
Jordi van Houdt Aan De Stegge Roosendaal

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a large budget for software anymore?

You don’t need a budget for using KYP Project. The costs to plan and communicate a project with KYP Project Basic are that low you can book this on a project if there is no budget. The costs are about $3 per day. 

I don’t have a project to start with at the moment. Can I already have a look how the program works?

No problem! Creating an account in KYP Project is free, you can practice scheduling as much as you want. There is only a moment of payment involved when you want to communicate en activate the schedule. So until you want to share the schedule, KYP Project is completely free to use. 

We already have so much software, now is there more to come?

This is not completely true. KYP Project can replace other software, such as Excel. You work faster with KYP Project than with Excel and so you save time.

I already have an ongoing project, can I still start with KYP Project?

Of course! Implementing KYP Project within the project team is done within a few hours. Within two simple workshops, the project managers and project partners are ready to start with KYP Project. We do recommend that you address an important point when you want to start. For example, a new phase, block or area is a great starting point to start KYPing!

If you already have an existing schedule in Asta, Microsoft Projects or Excel, you can easily import it into KYP Project.

We already use other software, do we need to learn something to use this?

We get that. That is why KYP Project is not designed as a difficult program, but rather simpler than alternatives. Scheduling in programs such as Asta, Excel and Microsoft Projects is difficult and that is an important reason why people start KYP. With KYP Project we save you time and effort.

We have been working with our current program for years. Why would we change?

KYP Project can be compared with other software programs, but we differ in this. User research shows that with KYP Project you save time, frustration and money compared to other packages. In this way we make scheduling easier and more transparent. What makes us unique is that we not only plan, but also communicate and improve on your project. This way everyone always gets an up-to-date schedule, without having to print or email a new version every time. KYP does not stand for ‘Keep Your Promise’ for nothing. We make sure that everyone can fulfill agreements properly.

Can I try KYP Project for free?

Yes, that’s possible. You can enter KYP Project for free to try how it works to make the schedule. This is all free. You don’t have to decide until you want to add project partners and activate your project. Click here and create a free account right away.

Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us via the chat or the contact button!

Get in touch

Three simple steps to KYP really well

Step 1 – Acquaintance

First contact

Your first acquaintance with KYP Project, how nice is that! Together with a KYP representative you drink a cup of coffee and you discover together how you can best set up a KYP schedule. Here you will receive all the resources and information you need from us to get to know KYP Project. Sounds good right? Request a free introduction via the chat or with the button below and we hope to see you soon!

Step 2 – Pilot

Try it first

This phase is intended to help you get started and to let you experience what it is like to use KYP Project. So we’re going to use this on one of your projects to test if this could be something for your entire organization. After a few weeks (and sometimes even days), you will soon see whether KYP Project can offer you added value in your projects.

This is, of course, all for testing. If you want to use KYP Project on a single project, that’s also possible.

Step 3 – Implementation

Work together without hassle, on all your projects

You find out during the pilot that KYP Project actually works well? That doesn’t surprise us at all! So now it’s time to see how we can bring all the benefits of KYP Project to your projects. We help you from A to Z in introducing KYP Project to all the projects you are working on. This way everyone can enjoy KYP in no time!

Of course, with frequent use of KYP Project you will receive a handy subscription with all kinds of extras such as free workshops, free KYP Analytics, a KYP Project welcome package and more. Ask for more information via the chat or contact us. And as we always say… good luck KYPing!