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Are you still creating your project schedules in Excel? Perhaps you’re still typing ‘construction schedule template excel’ in Google. If you do, you’re not the only one: Excel remains a widely used scheduling tool in the construction sector. But why? Creating a schedule in Excel takes up a whole day. Having to change the project schedule and then communicating it with project partners is a time-consuming process.

With KYP Project’s online project management tool, the whole process can be easier and faster. KYP Project can be used to conveniently, easily and quickly compile schedules that can always be accessed online, by all relevant parties! One schedule, one system, one update to everyone involved. It can really be that simple.

Always up-to-date project schedule
Save time, money and hassle
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The same schedule for everyone

KYP Project arranges all project scheduling business online, so there’s only one version of the schedule for everyone. You don’t have to worry about project partners using older versions anymore, which can sometimes happen with Excel schedule templates. Everyone is able to immediately access the right schedule online.

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Save time during changes

You no longer have to spend hours entering tasks and making changes. KYP Project allows you to easily make changes, and every affected person is informed about these changes immediately. The scheduling tool also immediately shows when tasks are ticked off by project partners.


Collaboration at its simplest

When everyone is involved in the schedule process, there is a greater sense of responsibility on all sides. It feels like you are all working together on a common goal. This makes collaboration in the construction sector an easier and more pleasant experience with KYP Project!

What can you do with KYP?

I am a superintendent

As a superintendent, you have the responsibility to ensure that a project runs smoothly. This means you want to keep everyone up to date about the latest developments in the schedule. A digital construction schedule ensures a solid overview and clear communication on the construction site. Work with a construction schedule in our project management software and experience many benefits!

– Only one version of the schedule is available to everyone.
– Changing the schedule has never been so fast! Determine which tasks or phases will change and communicate this with all project partners with one click.
– Always keep an up-to-date stand line because the digital post-its are checked off at day level.

No more hassle with MS Project, Asta or Excel schedule – save that time. You’ll never want to go back to another way of working with construction schedules.

I am project manager

As a project manager, you often have several construction schedules running at the same time. Then you want to be able to switch quickly with the executor on a project. Stay in control of ongoing projects and schedules with our easy-to-use construction scheduling software!

– See immediately in which project an action is needed
– Construction schedule changes sent with one click
– Keep an overview of the progress within all projects

Clear communication is key to meeting project deadlines. Always see at a glance when you need to be where. The schedule tool is free to use for project partners.

I am project planner

As a project planner you ensure that a project starts with a good realistic construction schedule. You ensure that partners are purchased and that there is sufficient time for tasks that have to be done, and at the same time that the deadline is met! If you create this schedule digitally, the contractor can continue with the construction.

– Link every party involved to the schedule. This way everyone, from executor, project manager to even project partners, looks at the same schedule.
– Order the required building materials directly from the scheduling tool

Prevent different versions of Excel files from roaming around the construction site: let everyone work together in the same online project schedule and keep lines of communication short and clear.

I am project partner

As a project partner, you have several projects running at the same time, and you naturally want to keep things separate and clear! When you are added to a KYP Project schedule as a project partner, this overview is completely free for you to use. And there are even more benefits:

– Easily filter your tasks from the schedule
– Changes come through in real time, everyone gets the notification immediately – so everyone is up-to-date with one click
– Keep a capacity schedule of you and your teammates with My Company
– See at a glance when you have to perform your task on which project

Worries about the schedule and the many phone calls and emails about this are a thing of the past!

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Online schedule tool for the construction sector

Does this sound familiar? As soon as you leave the construction site, you have forgotten the information you just read on the printed Excel schedule. It’s not ideal, is it? Use an online schedule to make sure that you and all other parties are always up to date. Carrying out work on scaffolding or a hydraulic lift, or working at a different site? The KYP Project app allows you to always access your construction schedule and documents via your phone or tablet. You can easily add building drawings to projects, so they are available to everyone involved in the project at all times and at any location.

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Your capacity schedule directly via KYP Project

When making sure that tasks do not overlap, you no longer have to mess around comparing various Excel schedules with each other. The ‘My Company’ feature in KYP Project immediately offers you a personal overview containing all the projects you are involved in.

If you are at the construction site, you can immediately see all your ongoing projects and can effectively manage your weekly schedule. This means you know exactly how many hours are available to accept new jobs.

Want to maintain an overview from the office? The ‘My Company’ feature also provides an insight into all ongoing projects, tasks and involved employees from your organisation.

What is the current status? Everything going well? Then the project will be accompanied by a green dot in the overview. Have tasks not yet been completed? Then a red dot will be shown, along with the number of tasks that are running behind schedule. This means you can intervene wherever needed and can effectively manage the project.

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Easy schedule and communication

With our construction scheduling tool, you can easily create an annual schedule, weekly schedule or even hourly schedule for your construction project: exactly like you’re used to in Excel, but much easier. Creating a schedule is done effortlessly, and is shared easily with every project partner. Everyone can see when a task has to be done, how long that task should take, and what the work week looks like.

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“Everyone sees the changes made to a schedule immediately, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to inform someone.”

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Project schedule without hassle?

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