KYP training: getting started with KYP Project!

KYP Project is the most all-round and user-friendly online planning software for the construction industry. Whether you have been planning your building projects for some time using KYP Project or are new to the world of planning smarter and better: we’re happy to share useful tips and tricks with you, ensuring you get the most out of our online planning tool. Request a KYP training for you and your colleagues right away or use our extensive knowledge base to become a true KYP expert!

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Become an instance KYP Project expert

KYP Project offers two training programs. There’s a KYP training that helps project managers, executives and planners with setting up and maintaining an online construction planning. During this training you will learn all about the essential functions of KYP Project that will make your daily tasks easier and more fun. If there is a need for additional training, a short follow-up session can be scheduled.

We have also designed and composed a training program for project partners working with KYP Project. During this session you will learn how, as a partner in a construction project, you check off your tasks via the app or desktop and how you gain insight into your capacity schedule with KYP Project.

Training for project managers

  • Creating your account
  • Instructions on ‘Your Company’
  • Creating a project schedule
  • Import schedule (ASTA / MS Project / Excel)
  • Create tasks, phases and post-its
  • Add and link tasks and participants
  • Checking off post-its
  • Approve tasks (checklists)
  • Theory: horizontal vs vertical planning
  • Modify schedule using the OOPS?! feature
  • Activate schedule

Duration: 1,5 to 2 hours
Costs: € 750,-
Location: in-office

Training for project partners

  • Creating your account
  • Instructions on ‘Your Company’ (free capacity planning)
  • Project overview explanation
  • Explanation of task overview
  • Explanation of phases, tasks and post-its
  • Instructions for ticking off post-its
  • Download KYP Project App
  • Instructions on how to use KYP Project App
  • Free follow-up training via chat, email & KYP Project helpdesk

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Costs: € 375,-
Location: at project site

Clear agreements make for better collaboration

Working with KYP Project’s planning software requires a new way of thinking and working within an organisation. Who is responsible for a task? Who checks off the tasks? When is the schedule updated? And who bears day-to-day responsibility for planning? If you want to use KYP Project efficiently, it is important to make clear agreements. Agreements on responsibilities, working together and recording the progress and project status.
A KYP training course also focuses on learning to work with and in the programme. During a training session, we take everyone in your organisation through the process of setting up, improving and changing the way you work together. Not only will you learn how to use the tool in the best possible way, you’ll also explore how KYP Project’s handy and practical features will help you plan better and collaborate smarter. We share our vast experience and knowledge about company cultures to help you understand how you, your colleagues and project partners work together smoothly and smartly with our software for online construction planning.

A swift start with online construction planning

Are you a new KYP user? Welcome! Making construction schedules has now become a lot easier for you. Just like more than 50.000 constructors, you are now saving time on creating the perfect project planning. To help you plan for success and make your first projects run as smoothly as possible, we have gathered all the steps you need to take in a practical, easy-to-understand quick-start guide. With the useful tips and tricks and informative videos of this KYP training you will learn how to set up a project schedule in no time using our tool for construction planning.

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User manuals and quick-guides for all teams

Whatever your role in your company or during a construction project, KYP Project helps you to build better. Working together with your project partners has never been easier and more aligned. And that always pays off. Do you want to make the most of all the advantages of our online planning software? Then read our manuals carefully. Here you will find everything you need to know about the use and features of the KYP Project construction planning tool.

What do you need to know as a project manager? How does the KYP Project app work? And how do you make all the data and information you collect during projects with KYP Analytics work for you? You can easily download the manuals from our website. After this KYP training, the tool will have no more secrets for you as a KYP expert.

Instruction manual KYP Project

Read up on our success-stories

Just as you learn from every construction project, you can always learn more with KYP Project. Whether you are just getting started with our construction planning tool or are already enjoying planning with KYP Project, we will be happy to tell you more about all the unique functionalities and features our tool offers. Hundreds of construction companies work better and smarter every day with KYP Project’s planning software. Are you curious about what online construction planning really delivers? We understand. That is why we’ve asked KYP users about their experiences.

On our website you will find several case studies in which we take you into the world of online project planning. Not only do we do this ourselves, a number of contractors share their experiences with KYP Project. They talk about how they plan with KYP Project and discuss the advantages of online planning for their organizations and projects in great detail. Find out all about the benefits of KYP Project in practice and how construction planning for large construction companies and their project partners is getting better, faster and easier every day.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do I create a KYP account?

Creating an account at KYP Project is completely free. Click here to create a free account. Fill in the details and click on ‘Register’. You will then receive an email containing a link to confirm your registration.

Is it easy to change a day to unworkable weather or other situations?

Yes, it’s easy. Not just weather., but also days off are easy to add with the calendar-bar at the top of the screen. KYP Project will ask you what you want to do to the schedule of that day. Keep the tasks there, move them or extend them?

Can I link multiple participants to one task?

No, you can make one participant responsible for a task. You can easily share these tasks by letting colleagues ‘watch’ a task. In addition, you can share your tasks via the ‘My Company’ feature in KYP Project. Make sure to check our manuals!

Does KYP Project also have a mobile app?

Yes, we do! KYP Project has a mobile app, which is meant to keep the schedule with you at all times. This allows you to quickly check the schedule and check off tasks in the app. You can download our mobile app in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

If I activate a project, will it run indefinitely?

No, active projects run until the last post-it you have put into your schedule at that time. When you activate a project we put a red line on the date your project ends. Until that moment the schedule will be active for all participants. Two weeks before the end of your active period you will receive a message, saying that communication of your schedule will end. This includes the option to extend your project with one or more days.

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Knowledge base: how to become a planning expert

As you can read, we do everything we can to make KYP Project work for you. From comprehensive manuals and practical tutorial videos to real-life success stories and easy downloads. Everything you need to make KYP Project work for you can be found on our website. Would you like to request a demo or schedule a KYP training session for you and your colleagues? Get in touch with the KYP team. Before you know it, your rock solid construction planning will be up and running!