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Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions, with answers.

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Account and login

How do I create a KYP account?

Creating an account is completely free. Click the “Try KYP for free” button in the header of the website. After clicking this, you will reach a form asking for some data before you click register. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and you will be able to login.

You can also create an account by clicking here.

How do I login

You can log in by clicking on the login option in the header of the website. When you click here you will reach kyp.nl, from where you can enter your account info to enter KYP Project.

How do I request a new password?

Click the login-button in the header of the website. You will get a screen with an option ‘I forgot my password’. Click this text and follow the instructions to set a new password.

How do I change my password?

Log in to KYP Project and go to your profile (at the top right). A new screen opens in which you can change your password at the bottom.

I have registered, but I can’t seem to login yet.

Log in to KYP Project and go to your profile (at the top right). A new screen opens in which you can change your password at the bottom.

Activating projects

My project has a button that says ‘Activate’. What does that do?

Activating your project means it will be put on active. This is the moment from which all the added participants will receive their invite and can participate in your project. Communication before activating a project is not possible.

What can I do with an inactive project?

In an inactive project you can make your schedule, add parties, documents, checklists. After the project is set with all the relevant data we recommend you to activate the project. After activation the project is set to active and all participants will be sent an invitation for their role. This also enables communication in the project between participants.

If I activated a project, will it run indefinitely?

No, active projects run until the last post-it you have put into your schedule at that time. When you activate a project we put a red line on the date where your project ends. Until that moment the schedule will be active for all participants. Two weeks before the end of your active period you will get a message, saying that communication of your schedule will end. This includes the option to extend your project with 1 or more days.

Can I keep schedule in an active project, even after the red line (final day of a project being active)?

Yes, you can! Even after the red line you can keep scheduling your projects. To enable communication for everything beyond the red line you will have to renew your project to match the due date. This is done easily with the money-sign at the top right of the program.


I can see the entire schedule? Is there a way to only see my own tasks?

There sure is! Through the button ‘My Business’ in your project overview, you can collect all of your tasks from active projects. This could be shared with your colleagues, like buyers and planners. This way, everyone is up to date of the activities of your business in the projects done in KYP Project.

Is it easy to change a day to unworkable wheather of other situations?

Yes, it’s easy. Not just weather, but also days off are easy to add with the calendar-bar at the top of the screen. KYP Project will ask you want you want done with the schedule of that day. Keep them there, move them or extend them?

How can I complete my schedule early?

You do this by clicking on the pencil in the project tile of the relevant project. In the window that opens at the top of the page, you will find the COMPLETE button.

Is it possible to export the schedule to a .csv or .xml (Excel) file?

No, this is not possible. The reason for this is that the schedule is no longer online. The risk here is that you will subsequently read information from an outdated schedule. However, it is possible to import an existing schedule from Asta, MS Project or Excel.

The import button is not visible, how do I get it back on the screen?

The ‘import’ button is only visible when the schedule is still completely empty. So when no tasks/post-its have been pasted/scheduled yet.

Can I print the schedule?

Yes, this can be done by project participants with the project manager role. However, we do not recommend printing, because then you are looking at an outdated version of the schedule. But we also understand that it is sometimes nice not to read the schedule from a screen! The print button can therefore be found in the screen of the active schedule at the top left.

I don’t see the full schedule in the mobile app. How is this possible?

In the mobile app you only have the option to view the schedule 6 weeks ahead and 2 weeks back. For a complete overview of the schedule, it is therefor better to work on a desktop or laptop.

Is it possible to temporarily take the schedule offline, so that I can make changes to the schedule without everyone receiving an email every time?

Of course! Just call the support number via +31(0)71 710 74 30, then it’s arranged in no time!


Can I link multiple participants to 1 task?

No, you can make one participant responsible for a task. You can easily share this task by letting colleagues ‘watch’ a task. In addition, you can share your tasks via the ‘My Company’ function in KYP Project.

I want someone who has no tasks to look at the schedule, is this possible?

We totally understand. We have the role ‘View only’ for this. This allows the participant to see the schedule and all added documents. The person in this role alone cannot change the schedule.

I have received an invitation by email for a project, but I don’t see anything in my project overview?

This means that the main executor/project manager on the project has not yet assigned you any tasks, but has only added them in the participant screen. When this person links you to a task, you will actually see the project in the overview so can view the schedule.

Can I change the details of the participants in the project?

No, only the participant can do this when he/she logs in to KYP Project, because this is personal data.

Usability and Devices

On which internet browsers does KYP Project work?

KYP Project works in: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Edge. We strongly recommend using KYP Project in Google Chrome or Safari, as these browsers work best with KYP Project.

What devices does KYP Project work on?

KYP Project is available for desktops and laptops running on Windows and iOS. It simply works in your internet browser.

KYP Project also works on iPads and Android tablets. The KYP Project app is also available for tablets and smartphones. The KYP Project app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and via Google Play.

Does KYP Project also have a mobile app?

Yes, we do! KYP Project has a mobile app, which is meant to keep the schedule with you at all times. This allows you to quickly check the schedule and check off tasks in the app. You can download our mobile app in the iOS App Store and Google Playstore.

What is the maximum file size of files in KYP Project?

We have no exact answer to this. So far none of our users have mentioned anything about limits.

What is the maximum capacity of files in KYP Project?

There is no set limit for files in KYP Project.

Does using KYP Project use a lot of data from my phone?

Nope, the KYP Project app is made to use small amounts of data. You can download the app, look at the schedule and check off post-its without using a lot of data.

How often is KYP Project updated?

Every two months we have an update planned for KYP Project. These updates often contain new cool functions requested by users, squished bugs to remove small errors and it contains improvements to make the program run faster.

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