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Save time, money and effort with the scheduling and communications tool for construction.
Already 80.000 construction workers preceded you.

Always up-to-date overview
Save time, money and hassle
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Join hundreds of contractors who are working easier and smarter.

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Schedule with ease

Save a lot of time scheduling, adjusting and communicating the schedule with all participants in the project. No more hassle with formatting and laborious changes.

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Connect your project partners

Communicate directly from the online schedule with all project partners, project managers and suppliers. This way you prevent incorrect information, misunderstandings and failure costs during the construction project. View documents and control quality; you arrange it all from KYP Project.

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Improve through insight

Gain insight into the way your construction project is progressing, where you can improve, how your project partners are performing and whether deadlines are being met. This way you keep a grip on the project and you can act preventively instead of putting out fires on the construction site.

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Work with KYP and take advantage of the benefits

Experience for yourself what benefits KYP Project has for you and go through the project with a smile. Save time scheduling, connect everyone on the construction project and monitor quality.

  • Schedule, check and quickly change the schedule.
  • Avoid getting stuck and delays.
  • Save an average of 28 emails and 29 phone calls per month.
Project manager
  • Gain insight into the performance of all parties.
  • Create control and overview of all your construction projects.
  • Collaborate better with everyone across multiple projects.
  • Fewer mistakes: putting out fewer fires and reduces costs.
  • See the current progress at a glance, thanks to the digital position line.
  • Save on calling and emailing
Project planner
  • Easily set up an overall schedule after purchasing.
  • Easy for implementers by schedule.
  • Drawings and documentation hangs on the right tasks.
  • Insight into the performance of project partners.
Project partner
  • No difficult software.
  • Keep and overview in multiple construction projects.
  • Completely free for partners added to projects.
  • Quickly and easily view your tasks and check them off immediately on the construction site.
  • Use the iOS or Android app to always have the current schedule in your pocket.

What our customers say

Van Wanrooij KYP Project

“Grip on the use of the KYP Project schedule is crucial to go through the project properly. KYP Analytics offers an important tool for project managers in this regard.”

Sander de Weert
Van Wanrooij Building & Development
Heijmans KYP Project

“KYP is clear and obvious to everyone. All parties are better aware of the current state of the schedule. As a result, there is almost no miscommunication anymore. ”

Mario Dekker
HSB Bouw KYP Project

“When I got the opportunity from HSB Bouw to try out KYP, I immediately noticed that this was the piece of tool that was still missing in the working method of an executor. ”

Ronald Wagterveld
HSB Building
ADSR KYP Project

“I regularly help subcontractors with the first steps in the program. Everything has to do with working together, connecting and becoming part of the process.”

Jordi van Houdt
Aan de Stegge Roosendaal

Already 80,000 construction workers preceded you! Try it yourself!