Microsoft Excel versus KYP Project

Make the most of your construction schedule

Good construction scheduling software is indispensable for a clear construction schedule. Nowadays, more and more tools are available to create your project schedule. One of these tools is Microsoft Excel. It has been around for years and is a familiar program to most people. On this page, we have put Excel and KYP Project up against each other to make a comparison.

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Scheduling in Excel

Excel is suitable for spreadsheets with formulas, data analyses and budget overviews. The program offers many options for structuring, analyzing, and reporting on large quantities of data. A real calculation program.

Among construction workers, Excel’s calendar template to create a schedule is popular. There is nothing wrong with this, because it shows what and when a task or part must be done. With colors, you indicate who is responsible. It is as simple as that. Excel offers many possibilities to personalize a construction schedule and set it up the way you want. Setting up a schedule is not a problem. However, project management is about more than just schedule. It’s good to think about what exactly you need for project management. 

The power of project management

Scheduling and regulation KYP icon

Project overview

Status of your project

Quick change of the schedule

Use-friendly program

Import schedule from other software

Change or move multiple tasks in one go

In project management, effective communication is indispensable for the successful completion of a project. We discuss the elements that help you do this.

Communicating effectively KYP icon

Direct communication from the schedule stage

Interaction – see the status of project partners directly

Everybody in one schedule

Focus on construction

Simple filtering of tasks

One thing is certain: digitization offers opportunities. You have seen what the options are for effective schedule and communication in a project. It is worth taking these as a starting point when making a choice in project management software. There are several final options that will make you very happy as a construction worker:

Additional options KYP icon

Colour options for allocations

Integration of other tools

Notifications of changes, approaching tasks or deadlines

Deliveries directly above the execution schedule

Place orders directly from the scheduling software


Scheduling in KYP Project

Strong communication 

Whether you are responsible for a small or large project, communication is indispensable for success on the building site, in addition to a tight schedule. In Excel, you can give several people access to an Excel sheet. The disadvantage is that anyone you add to the schedule can modify elements. You do not always want this. 

Only users who have the role of Project Manager in KYP Project can create or change a schedule. Everyone assigned a task can open the schedule, view the task, and react via the message function. Handy, because this means that you immediately have the meeting report in the tool. And most importantly: one up to date schedule to share with all your parties. That is a great way to communicate at the start of a day. Everyone is already aware of the latest changes. Very convenient.

Clear and complete overview 

Where Excel offers many options for dividing up and shaping a schedule, KYP Project has a single layout that you can get to work with. Instead of 10,000 functions, of which you may only use a few, KYP Project focuses on those few functions that are truly relevant. And thanks to integrations with other tools, you also have the control points in the schedule immediately. The documents and project information are in one place. Saves you from having to open an extra program. 

Simple to use

Excel is perfectly suitable for unravelling data sheets in detail, but you mainly want functional buttons for project management. KYP Project is a user-friendly program that contains only the functions you need for effective schedule and communication with all the parties involved in the project. The tool has been set up so that everyone, from the project manager to the construction partner, can use it. No unnecessary options; we like to keep it simple.

Making changes is a time-consuming activity in Excel. Shifting the task line by line, where a mistake is easily made. In KYP Project, making changes to the schedule is a piece of cake. Consider the implementation of unworkable weather. This can be an administrative burden, but of course, it does not have to be. Simply pause the schedule and select the tasks to which the change applies.

Finished making changes? Then put the schedule back online. The persons affected by the change immediately receive a notification in their mailbox. That saves you from having to send emails and make phone calls. Another example: project partners are already aware of the latest schedule at the start of the day. This means that you can start talking about the content instead of going through updates. This is how you keep the day productive.

KYP Project pushes Excel

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What does good project management cost? 

KYP Project costs you:

  • Less time
  • Less emails
  • Fewer phone calls
  • Less failure costs
  • Less hassle

And in terms of money? There are different packages, so you only pay for what you really use. Take a look at the price packages. Can the KYP Project packages be compared with & Microsoft Excel? No, Excel is often part of the Microsoft package that an organization purchases.

Importing is easy

Would you like to try out KYP Project, but does your project already exist in Excel? No problem. You can easily import an Excel schedule into KYP Project. You can transfer your schedule in four simple steps.

1. Open the Excel schedule and select the tasks you want to import.
2. Copy the selected tasks using the shortcut CTRL+C (or CMD+C on Mac).
3. Open a new KYP schedule, click the + Task button and paste the tasks into the bar. This is done by using hotkey CTRL+V (CMD+V on Mac).
4. Press enter and there you go, all those tasks are now listed below in your KYP schedule.

Are you ready to replace Excel?

Scheduling a construction project in a calculation program is like turning screws with a hammer. It works, but it is not the best way.