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Gantt chart for construction projects - Planning Tool

Whether creating planning bar charts or Gantt charts for your projects, it is always handy to work with a programme designed for that specific purpose. KYP Project allows you to quickly put your planning online and to communicate directly with all involved parties. Read more about planning bar charts or Gantt charts and how KYP Project helps you to create and manage this planning online!

KYP Project op computer tablet iphone laptop
Building construction Gantt chart example in KYP Project

What are planning bar charts/Gantt charts and how do they differ from KYP Project?

Planning bar chart

When using a planning bar chart in construction projects, bars are used to cover days on which the job must be carried out. When doing so, it is important for all jobs to be listed one below the other, and for you to know the start and end date for each job. This planning is thus horizontal.

Planning Gantt chart

When creating a construction Gantt chart, it is important to know all tasks in advance and approximately how much time is needed for each task. In this case, inter-dependencies and overlap play an important role.

The difficult thing about working with Gantt charts is that the end result must already been known before the project starts. And that while projects rarely flow exactly as planned. As a result, changes and updates are encountered on a regular basis.

KYP planning

KYP Project takes all the benefits of building construction Gantt charts and bar charts and incorporates them into a single portable solution that can be accessed via your phone, tablet or laptop. This means planning is easy to create and communicate. As a result, everyone will access the same information at the same time.

What is KYP Project really used for?

KYP Project offers the ideal solution for many site managers during their projects. You are able to carefully manage your project and collaborate effectively with your sub-contractors. KYP Project allows everyone to access their tasks whenever they want, which means they know what they must do and when they must do it. 

Have you already compiled a planning bar chart or Gantt chart in Excel, Asta or MS Project? Then you can quickly import it into KYP Project in three simple clicks! This saves hours of extra work and immediately updates everyone about the new planning. If certain tasks have been completed, project partners can tick them off themselves, and everyone else will be notified of this immediately.

As a project manager, you want to maintain a clear overview of all your projects. If you have to manage various planning strip charts or Gantt charts in Excel, this can be both time consuming and frustrating. But KYP Project keeps this overview structured and transparent! You can immediately see which actions must be taken in each project. It also improves communication with the project’s site manager, because you’re both referring to the same information!

Changes in the planning can be reported quickly, and are automatically shared with people who are responsible for the concerned task or other affected tasks. Clear communication is key to meeting all project deadlines. See where you need to be when at a single glance. The KYP planning tools can even be used free of charge by project partners.

As a project planner, you are responsible for an effective and feasible construction planning from the very start of a project. You make sure that the right partners are brought in and that there is enough time for the tasks that need to be carried out without missing a deadline!

It is important for this information to be known in advance, certainly for when working with planning strip charts or Gantt charts. So it can be inconvenient if the site manager decides to personally alter the planning at the start of the project.

If this planning bar chart is placed in KYP Project, the site manager can use it directly at the construction site. This means you will always use the same approach and the same tool.

If you are a project partner, you will work on several projects at the same time. This means clients will often send you various types of planning bar charts, strip charts or Gantt charts. It is thus important to maintain an overview.

Multiple projects mean multiple changes for various site managers. But KYP helps to save valuable time in this regard. KYP also makes planning and communication easy. If your clients work with KYP, the ‘My Company’ feature in KYP shows a useful (and free) capacity planning. This means you will immediately see all your projects in KYP and always know what you must deal with.

"With KYP Project you gain control over the contracting process. Everyone always knows exactly what to do. ”
Arjan Bronsema
Nijhuis Bouw

Planning in KYP Project

Building construction bar charts or construction Gantt charts are often created in Excel, Asta or MS Project. The downside of this approach is that you waste a lot of time printing, e-mailing, sharing and changing the planning. If you place your construction planning in KYP Project, all communication will be handled by KYP Project. This saves you a lot of time and hassle!

KYP Project retains the same planning structure that is used in the planning bar chart or Gantt chart. The only difference is, you do not use bars, but sticky notes! You simply plan all tasks one below the other, and place digital sticky notes on the days that tasks must be carried out. These tasks are then easy to tick off day by day, which means you always have access to the latest status!

KYP Project can be used for your construction planning, but is also ideal if you are using lean planning at the building site.
Do you regularly schedule similar types of projects and do you do this with, for example, a Gantt chart template? KYP Project also makes it easy for you to compile a planning template! This can then be copied for the next project and modified wherever necessary.

Screenshot example of a Gantt chart for construction projects
Afbeelding van een Gantt chart planning in KYP Project
Gantt chart example for a project in the construction industry

KYP Project offers an effective overview and transparency on building sites!

If you use a planning bar chart or Gantt chart for your construction projects, project partners often print it and take it with them as a paper-based version. However, if changes are made to the planning, these project partners will still be using the old version. This kind of situation causes not only stress, but crossed wires and, just as important, can be very costly!

KYP Project simplifies the entire process. No more sending around a file with the planning. Instead, you invite your project partners to use KYP Project – free of charge – so that everyone can see all tasks in the online planning. This is particularly useful when a change is made! Better yet, your project partners can indicate that they’ve completed their task in KYP. This gives you an immediate overview of any possible delays and lets you schedule an inspection.

Not surprisingly, builders who work with KYP Project state that KYP gives them peace of mind. Naturally, you cannot carry a laptop with you when you’re five storeys high. That’s why KYP is also easy to use on a tablet or via a useful app on your smartphone. If you add construction drawings and other documents to KYP, you will be able to access all information you need by simply reaching into your pocket. This means you can see whether everything is flowing smoothly, even if you are in the portacabin, on a crane or simply walking around the construction site.

Follow the example of 50,000 users in the construction sector and try it out for yourself.