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Your planning in a clear overview - Excel will be a thing of the past

Excel is still regularly used in the construction sector when compiling a project planning. But the question is, why? It takes you a whole day to compile planning in Excel, and changing and communicating the planning can be very time consuming. KYP believes the whole process can be easier and faster. KYP Project can be used to conveniently, easily and quickly compile planning that can always be accessed online!

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The same planning for everyone

Because everything is arranged online, there will only be one version of the planning. This avoids situations where people end up working with old versions of the planning, which can sometimes be the case with Excel planning templates. Everyone is able to immediately access the right planning online. A great approach, right?

Grip op je planning

Save time during changes

You no longer have to spend hours entering tasks and making changes. KYP allows you to easily make changes, and every affected person is informed immediately. The planning also immediately shows when tasks are ticked off by project partners.

Collaboration at its simplest

When everyone is involved in the planning process, there is a greater sense of responsibility on all sides. It feels like you are all working together on a common goal. Collaboration in the construction sector thus becomes an easier and more pleasant experience with KYP Project!

What are the possibilities of KYP Project?

As a site manager, you are responsible for making sure that projects flow smoothly. Naturally, this means you want everyone to be aware of the latest developments in the planning. KYP Project provides an effective overview and ensures clear communication at the construction site, but also offers many other advantages!

  • KYP Project allows you to compile and share planning in no time at all
  • All parties involved in a particular project are connected. This means everyone will always view the same version of the planning
  • Always maintain an up-to-date overview thanks to digital sticky notes that are ticked off daily.

Are you a project manager and are you responsible for several different plannings? KYP makes it easy to maintain an overview. Avoid situations where several versions of the Excel planning are hung in the portacabin. An online planning allows you to always be up-to-date and work with site managers on the same planning.

  • Always immediately see which projects require further actions.
  • Maintain a progress overview within all projects.
  • Work together with the site manager using the same planning tool and the same planning.

Clear communication is essential when meeting project deadlines. KYP Project helps to keep all parties informed at all times. Project partners can use the KYP planning tool free of charge. This means everyone will quickly know what they are expected to do.

As a project planner, your role involves making sure that the project can start as planned. You are responsible for recruiting contractors, compiling realistic task and time planning, and realising the deadline. You can use KYP Project to structure the project and gain a clear overview, thus laying effective foundations for the site manager.

  • Link all involved parties to the planning. This means everyone – from the site manager and project manager to the project partners – will view the same planning
  • Order the required building materials directly from the planning

You can use KYP Project to allow everyone to work with the same online planning, which prevents different versions of Excel files being used in the project. This means lines of communication can be kept short and clear.

As a project manager, you often have to deal with several projects at the same time. So it can be handy to have an overview of the weekly planning, so you know exactly which task must be carried out and when. No need to compare one Excel planning with the other; KYP Project clearly presents all your projects in the blink of an eye.

  • A single overview shows which tasks you need to carry out in which project.
  • Quickly and easily filter your tasks in the planning.
  • Changes are implemented immediately and you are simultaneously informed if the change applies to you
  • My Company can be used to easily manage capacity planning for you and your team

If project partners are added to a KYP planning, they are able to use the tool free of charge! KYP Project allows you to effectively manage your personal planning and shows you when you have opportunities to accept new jobs. Handy right?

"With KYP Project you gain control over the contracting process. Everyone always knows exactly what to do. ”
Arjan Bronsema
Nijhuis Bouw

KYP: online planning tool for the construction sector

Sound familiar? As soon as you leave the portacabin, you have forgotten the information you just read on the printed Excel planning. It’s not ideal, is it? Use an online planning to make sure that you and all other parties are always up-to-date. Carrying out work on scaffolding or a hydraulic lift or working at a different site? The KYP Project app allows you to always access your planning and documents via your phone or tablet. You can easily add building drawings to projects, so they are available to everyone involved in the project at all times and at any location.

Afbeelding van een Gantt chart planning in KYP Project

Your personal capacity planning directly via KYP Project

When making sure that tasks do not overlap, you no longer have to mess around comparing various Excel plannings with each other. The ‘My Company’ feature in KYP Project immediately offers you a personal overview containing all the projects you are involved in.

If you are at the construction site, you can immediately see all your ongoing projects and can effectively manage your weekly planning. This means you know exactly how many hours are available to accept new jobs.

Want to maintain an overview from the office? The ‘My Company’ feature provides an insight into all ongoing projects, tasks and involved employees from your organisation.

What is the current status? Going well? Then the project will be accompanied by a green dot in the overview. Have tasks not yet been completed? Then a red dot will be shown, along with the number of tasks that are running behind schedule. This means you can intervene wherever needed and can effectively manage the project.

Easy planning and communication

Annual planning, weekly planning or hourly planning identical to Excel, but a little easier. KYP Project allows you to quickly compile planning and easily share it with everyone involved in the project. This means everyone knows when a task must be carried out, how many hours are needed for the task and what can be expected for the rest of the working week.

Follow the example of 50,000 users in the construction sector and try it out for yourself.