This is how Royal BAM prevents miscommunication on the construction site

Always an up-to-date digital schedule in the shed, so Royal BAM prevents miscommunication on the construction site. At Royal BAM, executors wanted more overview of the activities of all project members. Since 2019, all three divisions, residential construction, renovation and utility construction, have now been working with KYP Project. And successfully!

Planning KYP


Compared with other old or complicated tools such as Excel, KYP. Project saves you hours on your initial schedule.



Spend less time calling after subcontractors with updates.



Save at least 1 hour on updating your schedule when the weather is unworkable.

Wijzigen in KYP


Send about 5 (unnecessary) emails less per week related to the schedule.

Projects scheduled with KYP Project

Gas-free living in Uithoorn, The Netherlands – 76 houses

“The day-start is a lot faster with KYP Project. In addition, I have a much better overview of all projects!”

Jimmy Chan – Performer BAM New Building Concepting

Uithoorn BAM

Energy-efficient social rent Delft, The Netherlands – 68 apartments, 23 houses

“The great thing about KYP Project is that I can show the schedule on the large screen in the site hut. This allows me to manage the parties that are present much easier.”

Marc Ligtvoet – Performer BAM New Building Concepting

Project Delft BAM

Kop van Waal  Tiel, The Netherlands – 107 homes

“You notice that the parties are simply better aware of the current state of the schedule.”

Niels de Jong – Work planner BAM Living

Project Tiel BAM

Easy to use, without hassle!

Your daily onsite activities could make you feel swamped. The last thing you want in that case is another complicated tool to use…

That is why we keep KYP Project nice and easy to use. Thanks to the ability to create a clear schedule, to make changes quickly and to communicate automatically with subcontractors, your will gain much more time for other project components.

The up-to-date schedule gives you faster insight into any risks that could lead to delays and the project being stuck. The tool is incredibly easy to use. Still some questions? Our support team will help you out whenever it is needed.

What can you do with KYP Project?


Work as a superintendent with a construction schedule in KYP Project and experience many benefits!

– Only one version of the schedule is available to everyone
– Changing the schedule has never been so fast! Determine which tasks or phases will change and communicate this with all project partners with one click
– Always keep an up-to-date stand line because the digital post-its are checked off at day level

No more hassle with MS Project, Asta or Excel schedule – save that time. Note: you never want to go back to another way of working with construction schedules.

Project manager

As a project manager, you often have several construction schedules running at the same time. Then you want to be able to switch quickly with the executor on a project. Stay in control of ongoing projects and schedules!

– See immediately in which project an action is needed
– Updates on building materials orders
– Construction schedule changes sent with one click
– Keep an overview of the progress within all projects

Clear communication is key to meeting project deadlines. Always see at a glance when you need to be where. The schedule tool is even free to use for project partners.

Project planner

As a project planner you ensure that a project starts with a good realistic construction schedule. You ensure that partners are purchased and that there is sufficient time for tasks that have to be done and at the same time that the deadline is met! If you put this schedule digitally, then the contractor can continue with the construction.

Link every party involved to the schedule. This way everyone, from executor, project manager to even project partners, looks at the same schedule.

Project partner

As a project partner you have several projects running at the same time and you naturally want to keep that clear! When you are added to a KYP schedule as a project partner, this overview is even completely free for you to use. And there are even more benefits:

– Easily filter your tasks from the schedule
– Changes come through in real time, everyone gets the notification immediately – so everyone is up to date with one click
– Keep a capacity schedule of you and your teammates with My Company
– See at a glance when you have to perform your task on which project

Worries about the schedule and the many phone calls and emails about this are a thing of the past!


Try for free: experience easy scheduling for yourself

Schedule quickly. Make changes easily. Hook all your project partners into your always up-to-date schedule. Find out why hundreds of projects and over 80,000 builders work with KYP Project.