Interactive planning in the BIM model? KYP Project and BIMlink make that link possible

bim integration in kyp project

BIMlink and KYP Project, both software companies strive for the same goal: online cooperation by making all information of a construction project insightful. The new API link makes it possible to view the interactive planning of KYP Project directly from a BIM. This way we are taking the crucial part of BIM, (4D) planning, to a next interactive level.

New digital workflow

Working with a 3D model in BIM is nothing new in the construction industry. It is an ideal way to structure all sort of information at one place. Everything is connected, from permits and construction drawings, to a simple time schedule and documentation for management and maintenance. But linking an interactive planning to the model, is where we really make the difference.

By implementing KYP Project in the software of BIMlink, constructors are able to see a live and up-to-date planning in the model. When you select an element in the 3D model, the trusted information as you are used to appears, as well as the task that is linked to this element from the KYP Project planning. This way, you have all the necessary information in one place.

This improves the digital workflow, which make you able to go through your project more efficiently, work better together and communicate clearly with all parties involved. This situation is win-win for everyone!  

Smart communication

The success of a project depends on unambiguous communication. As soon as a change is made in the KYP Project planning, this information is automatically implemented in BIMlink. Has a part been completed? The constructor ticks off the concerned task in KYP Project and the same object turns green in the model. Has a task been delayed? The object turns red. This way the information remains the same everywhere and smart communication is created. How simple can it be!

Start yourself new

The connection between BIMlink and KYP Project is live and ready to use as from the 1st of February! Do you have a project in KYP Project and your 3D model in BIMlink? Link both software easily within a few steps. Watch the tutorial to learn how!

About BIMlink

Construction is becoming increasingly complex and more information about a building is becoming available. With BIMlink you have all the information about building online at one place, for the entire lifespan of a building. The online platform collects all information from all parties involved in a building in one place. Therefore, BIMlink works together with various parties in the construction sector and adjacent disciplines. This way, everyone involved in a building project always has access to complete information.

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