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Construction planning, without hassle

Creating a new updated planning every few days? That’s just wrong in these times. From now on you can stop messing around and get control over your planning, with KYP Project!

Grip op je planning

Control your planning

With KYP Project you gain control over your planning. Within minutes you create (or import) your planning, giving you tools to keep track of your project.

Sneller wijzigen

Faster editing

Changing your plan used to cost a ton of time, but no more! Stop struggling with fixing your layout. With KYP Project you drag and drop your changes in an instant.

Digitale LEAN planning

Digital LEAN planning

A planning on the wall works fine, until something changes... By planning in KYP everyone always has the latest version of the planning, making sure everyone always knows the when and what to do.

Afbeelding van een Gantt chart planning in KYP Project

Plan your project, your way.

Construction planning could take a lot of time, especially when changes happen while the project is ongoing.


With KYP Project you easily create tasks, place them on the right times and days, and link them to the responsible partners.


On average, contractors and project managers that use KYP Project save almost 5 hours every month, just on making their planning.

No more hassle when things change

No matter how good your first planning is, changes occur all the time. 

Is the weather unworkable? Is one of the subcontractors late with their parts? Something always happens. And when it does, it is up to you as contractor or project manager to change parts of the planning. 


With KYP Project this is done quickly. Not by moving every task manually with copy pasting, but just by dragging and dropping the tasks that need changing. Even changing the entire project could be done in 5 clicks. Just choose what tasks need to be moved and which ones go on as planned.

“When HSB Bouw gave me the opportunity to try KYP Project, I immediately found out that this tool is the missing piece for working as contractor.
The ease with which you can create a planning and control the project is great. Also when communicating with suppliers it works wonders."
Ronald Wagterveld
HSB Bouw

Want to try planning without hassle too?

Then it’s time to get KYP-ing! Besides planning, KYP Project also lets you connect project partners and could give you the overview required to make projects go even better. This way everyone always know the when and what of their tasks, saving you tons of back-and-forth mails and calls. KYP Project helps your project move along, much more smoothly. More than 50.000 builders went before, are you next?