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The constructors that build with KYP Project

More than 50.000 builders are using KYP Project as this is typed. All of these people are part of a diverse range of construction companies. We help builders in housing, utilities, renovations, maintenance and more.

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KYP Project for site managers

As site manager, KYP Project allows you to quickly create and adjust a planning. Other programs take up more time on planning and communication.


KYP Project lets you communicate your planning with all project partners with ease. This saves our users phone calls, emails and, most importantly, misunderstandings. Every change in the planning is directly processed in the tool. No more different versions of a planning and no more miscommunications.


To gain control over your projects KYP Project is the tool to reduce failings and errors. Something changes and your planning needs to change? Simply drag and drop what you need changed and you’re done. No messing around with spreadsheets or complicated tools.

Van Wanrooij 210120
Heijmans - Goyflat

KYP Project for planners

Planners use KYP Project to get an overview over the work and to ensure quality teamwork between contracting and project management.


With KYP Project you get a quick and easy overview of your work. So how does a project progress? What needs to be done? How far are others with their tasks? Everyone involved could be added in KYP Project.


Besides this easy way of working, contractors simply love working with KYP Project. In teamwork you could be using the same KYP planning between contracting and planners.

KYP Project for project managers

As project manager KYP Project lets you manage projects with ease, no matter how many you control. This way, KYP Project lets you maintain control over all of your projects.


You get a quick and clear overview on all of your projects in the blink of an eye. You immediately see which projects have open tasks, which projects are delayed and which projects are going great. If you add in our KYP Analytics you can even see how a project went on day-to-day basis and what points proved to be causing delay.


KYP Project is also used by planners and contractors. This way we get rid of walls filled with stickies that you don’t have access to. You get all of your information shared with you in KYP Project.

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KYP Project for directors

As board member or director you want a quick overview over all of your projects, without going too far in-depth. KYP Project gets you this overview. You can easily see how your projects are performing, good or bad.

For the staff, KYP Project is considered a must have amongst users. Besides improving the speed of execution and quality of work, it also supports a culture of digitization and teamwork.

“With KYP Project you get control over the process as site manager. Everyone know exactly when, what and where to do things."
Arjan Bronsema
Nijhuis Bouw