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Construction planning with a solid foundation in KYP Project!

When preparing a construction or work planning, overview and convenience are essential. The stress of layout design and changes is now a thing of the past. KYP Project helps you prepare your construction planning simply, quickly and online!

KYP Project op computer tablet iphone laptop

Insight and overview

Thanks to digital construction planning in KYP Project, all parties involved in the project are kept up to date always. This way, everyone knows their responsibilities, which not only avoids misunderstandings, but also enables an online overview of the construction planning that is available 24/7.

Always up to date

Everyone on site has the most recent version of the planning in KYP Project. Tasks, timetables and changes are visible online immediately. An online and always up to date construction planning is both transparent and practical!

Collaboration at its simplest

When everyone is involved in the construction planning process, there is a greater sense of responsibility on all sides. Together you are working towards completion. And construction collaboration is an easier and more pleasant experience with KYP Project!

What are the possibilities of KYP Project?

As the site manager, you can take advantage of the possibilities offered by KYP Project when it comes to taking a lean approach to a construction project. Keep the planning under control without having to send out Excel sheets and make things easy for your sub-contractors. 

  • Achieve a faster start to the day or week because everyone is following the same planning. 
  • Make changes quickly and easily and share them directly with project partners. 
  • Maintain an overview with a current progress line thanks to digital Post-It’s that are ticked off daily 

Create a six-week planning in KYP in no time. Planning in MS Project or Asta project? It takes only three clicks in KYP. No more hassle with Excel sheets. 

Are you a project manager with responsibility for several lean planning’s? KYP lets you maintain an overview with ease! Avoid numerous Excel sheets that are out of sync by working in the same up-to-date planning as the site manager. 

  • See which project and action is required when. 
  • Maintain a progress overview within all projects. 
  • Work together with the site manager in the same planning tool with the same planning. 

As the project planner, you’re responsible for all purchases for the parties and preparing the overall plan. KYP Project lets you create a basic lean planning in no time that can be reused for every project. 

  • Work together with all parties involved to create a basic lean planning in only a few hours. 
  • Order all necessary building materials beforehand based on the planning. 

To prevent planning’s from ending up in an Excel or spreadsheet tool, you can easily let everyone use the KYP planning. A lean approach prevents wasted time and effort during planning, building material purchasing and construction phases. 


If you are added to a KYP planning as a project partner, the planning overview and use of the tool will cost you nothing. But there are even more advantages:

  • Filter your tasks in the planning quickly and easily.
  • Changes are made in real time and immediate notification ensures that everyone is up to date with only one click.
  • Monitor capacity planning for you and your team in My Company.
  • A single overview shows which tasks you need to carry out in which project.

No more stress and worrying about the planning and endless back-and-forth phone calls and emails thanks to KYP Project!

"With KYP Project you gain control over the contracting process. Everyone always knows exactly what to do. ”
Arjan Bronsema
Nijhuis Bouw

Six-week planning for construction projects in no time

If you need to prepare a six-week planning for a project, KYP simplifies the entire process.

Work with MS Project, Asta or Excel? You can easily import your files to KYP Project in only three clicks! 

No more spending hours entering changes or checking dependencies. Save time and take advantage of the user-friendliness of KYP, the planning tool that is always available to everyone involved in a project and far easier to use than Excel and other project planning programs.

All tasks entered? The project partners check them off as they go, so you can see immediately when you need to planning inspections and approvals.

Keep in mind that, once you start using KYP, chances are you’ll never want to return to your old method!

Afbeelding van een Gantt chart planning in KYP Project

KYP, the ultimate planning tool for construction planning both online and app-based.

Everyone is up to date on the construction planning at all times.

Carrying out work on scaffolding or a hydraulic lift or working at a different site? You probably don’t have all the drawings, planning’s or a laptop with you.

That’s why KYP is also easy to use on a tablet or via the app on your smartphone. Building drawings can be easily added to projects, so that they are available to everyone involved in the project at all times and at any location.

Follow the example of 50,000 users in the construction sector and try it out for yourself.

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KYP Project op computer tablet iphone laptop