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Product Manager

Keeping your promise is (y)our DNA. Your digital expertise combined with social skills and marketing and sales knowledge makes you the perfect fit to work out simple solutions and easy-to-execute actions. You know that the golden combination of digitalization and personal touch results in client satisfaction, user growth and turnover on a daily basis.

For this job application it’s required to speak Dutch and English fluently.

Join KYP!

KYP aims to make the construction industry smarter, more digital and more fun!

And of course not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Germany and England!

KYP stands for Keep Your Promise. We help our users to keep their promises, with the aim of creating a more efficient and better collaboration in a construction project and process.

With KYP Flow we want to move away from the dusty processes on the book shelf and start working better, clearer and smarter. After all, good communication within a process is essential for success!

Read more about the tool and the vacancy below!

More about KYP Flow

KYP Flow

KYP Flow is there for all the processes that are now dusting in the bookcase and screaming to be digitized. You form the standard process in a handy template. You can use this process template in every project and adjust it where necessary. Through the weekly schedule and app you focus on what is important at that moment. Share feedback with those involved in the process and learn for next time!

This is what you like to do

A strategist at heart

Designing the product strategy and roadmap is what you're excited about.

Sharp as a knife

You come up with the right features based on priority and corresponding justification.


Creating team synergy

Work closely with UX and build simple solutions for the users.

Be the expert

With respect to the use of KYP Flow, product features and future developments.

A day in the life of a Product Manager

8:00 – You arrive at the office with a big smile. Last week you attended a UX/Product meeting and presented new Customer Discovery techniques to help the team. You are inspired and today is the day you’re setting up a quick story mapping session to help unblock the team and on a new feature you’ve been working on. During the morning start-up with KYP product leaders, you discuss things like improving the onboarding, the performance of all features and much more.

11:30 – It’s time to gather the input you need from sales and marketing and you push several new initiatives through the marketing and sales process and pinpoint goals for new marketing actions. Making sure that weighing the priority on the added value, the availability of resources and the effort it will take to realise the goals set.
After enjoying a lunch with your colleagues at the office and a game of table football, you dig into a new hot feature which you need to create.

You prepare the necessary user stories for decision making during the Focus & Finance meeting, making sure budget and time schedules are in control.

16:00 – The day is drawing to an end. You are in the middle of your scrum process with the team and have a handover meeting to discuss an estimation. Once again you walk through all the details to see if the story is complete on data, UX, UI, copy and possible technical risks. The last video call of the day is one with the other product leaders to discuss the new KYP trademark concept. At the end of the day everyone grabs a drink and you discuss hobbies, latest news or upcoming events with some of your other colleagues.

Man schrijvend op whiteboard

With these KYP'ers you work a lot together

Bas Roestenberg

Keeper of promises

I am the product owner at KYP Flow. We will work together a lot to make KYP Flow work for everyone!

Man op leren stoel

Kees Varkevisser

Keeper of promises

As an account manager at KYP Flow I work with the customer to guide them through the process in the best possible way. It's great to see how companies get different insights when they enter the 'Flow'!

Man voor mos scherm

Michel Faas

Marketing Lead

Hi! I'm mainly involved in KYP's digital marketing and make sure that marketing, sales and product work well together. I like it best when all the efforts come together into something beautiful.

This is why you fit in with the KYP team

The problem solver

You think in solutions, not in problems!

Super teamplayer

Willing to build, reflect, measure and learn. You're proud of successes, curious by mistakes and failures, resilient to recover and learn.


You have 3-5 years experience as a product manager with a development team in a scrum-like process.

Digital innovator

1-2 years experience as a product owner for web-based app, 3rd party plugin or SaaS.

What more can we offer you:

  • Diverse group of colleagues and an inspiring environment;
  • Beautiful office in Noordwijk;
  • 30 vacation days;
  • After-work beers in our in-office Grand Café;
  • Working with multiple teams and other product managers as colleagues.
  • All product artefacts going from stakeholder/user interviews into road mapping & planning and writing epics to user stories to setting up release notes.

What does the application process look like?

Motivation & CV

Send us your detailed motivation letter and CV and tell us why you would like to work at KYP!


After we have received your application and have become curious about you, we invite you to come and meet us.

Koffie mokken op tafel

Get to know KYP

During the introduction we will see if you still like us and we like you. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea!

Show your skills

If we still like each other so much, we are going to ask you to show your real skills through an assignment, presentation or second interview.

Job offer

Then the end station follows and when everything has gone well, you will receive an offer from us to join the KYP team!

Curious yet?

Are you convinced that you are the best for the job?

Then we would like to read your detailed motivation letter and CV!

  • Explain what you like about KYP Flow?
  • What do you want to achieve with this position
  • How would you like to develop yourself in the coming years?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why do you fit so well with the KYP team?

Would you like some extra information? Call 020-449 11 17 or mail to for Alderina van Leeuwen.

We are looking forward to your entry!