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You are already busy with your daily activities in construction. Don’t waste time by using a complicated software tool for your construction planning!

KYP Project is easy-to-use and saves you time. This means more time for important things.

One of our account managers will reach out soon after filling in the form. We will tell you everything you need to know during the demo. Can’t wait? Feel free to make a free account in advance here.

Why KYP Project?


Save a lot of time creating and adjusting your planning. Communicate with everyone involved with the touch of a button. No more hassle with formatting and laborious changes. You plan more easily in KYP Project. Through the app you will immediately receive all information about the project on your mobile and you always have an up-to-date planning online, wherever you are.


Communicate directly from the online planning with all project partners, project managers and suppliers. This way you avoid misunderstandings and you can limit – or completely prevent – failure costs. View documents, order building materials directly, quality control; you arrange it all from the online KYP Project environment. Fewer phone calls and everyone informed like never before.


24/7 insights of all your projects? It’s possible! Gain insight into how your project is doing, where you can improve, how your project partners are performing, and whether deadlines are being met. This way you keep a grip on the project. Take preventive action instead of putting out fires. Focus on what really matters.